Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Review

Excellent. After being out for nearly a year (July 10 2009) my album finally got its first review, in the new issue of Witch Kunt:

"Holographic Beast. "Perpetual Filth" C-40 Know/Care Sounds.
I am extremely impressed with the tracks on this tape. Holographic Beast clearly understands that there's a fine line between pulverizing audio damage and epic contemplative experimentations. When it is done right the results can be astoundingly good. This has the perfect amount of brutality and sublimity. Beautiful tone excursions scrambled up by cold hearted thunder and sadistic crunch. When you aren't having some vulgar clods of graveyard dirt dumped on you there will be moments where you are getting swept away. This is some true Pacific Northwest experimentation that will get play of air time on your cassette deck. Serious dark and intriguing listening for the true noise fiends. Get this or get fucked."

Much appreciated.