Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor of LoveFest

I'm playing the Labor Of LoveFest this weekend at Gallery 1412. I play on the second day, on September 6th. The Stranger recommends that you should go.

"Give Gallery 1412 some credit for providing an authentically avant-garde alternative to the Bumbershoot juggernaut this weekend, putting on a two-day mini-fest with a curatorial bent toward brain-burgling and texture-warped experimental music. The bills look to toggle smartly between “big name” local acts like ambient improv impresario Gel-Sol and glitch guru Marcus Price and smaller, even odder occupants of the scene. To name a few, discovered as a result of researching this event: Expert System and her spectral sound plazas, God and Vanilla’s malevolent symphonies, Slow Drips’ malfunction-scapes, and the demonic drone logic of Sacred Signs. Too weird to live, too rare to die; we salute you, Gallery 1412. KYLE FLECK"