Saturday, December 13, 2014

5 years

Hello there. I hope you have been getting the treatment you deserve. My small label Know/Care quietly turned 5 years old earlier this year, and I finally have some new tapes ready.

K/C004 - Abstract Rabbit - A Useless Reservoir

A brief history for those that don't know. Cris Mora was my best friend, and he made music under the name Abstract Rabbit from 2007 to 2012. He self-released countless CD-Rs, often with elaborate art and packaging, and he usually gave them all away for free. In 2011 I asked him to record some material that I would release on cassette on my label. Cris provided me with six intentionally untitled tracks not long after. I discussed with him the art ideas that I had for the material, and he liked the concept. The project was pushed back due to hectic schedules and low funds. On February 15th 2012, Cris unexpectedly passed away, devastating the lives of everyone close to him. This has been a hard project for me to complete, and over the years I would try to come back to it, and then fail. Nearly everything that could go wrong, did, and sometimes it felt like this would never be completed. I am proud to have finally have this finished and to be able to share Cris' music with those who want to hear it. The A side is Cris' familiar emotional instrumental synthpop, while the B side is a slower, darker, and more atmospheric side of Cris's music that was rarely heard. It's hard to not hear this music in a different way now that Cris is gone, and I wish I could have finished this while he was still here. Putting this out is a huge honor for me, and I hope people enjoy it. I miss him terribly. Released with the full approval of Cris' mother.

All of the profits from this release will go towards and to For more information on both please follow the links.
Edition of 50. 23 on white cassettes hand-numbered with silver ink, 27 on clear cassettes hand-numbered with black ink. Packaged in a white Norelco case. Includes digital download. 

K/C005 - Holographic Beast - Restating The Obvious

A portrait of passive-aggressiveness, hypocrisy, and remembrance. No synth, no contact mics. All sounds sourced from guitar. A throwback to both sound and art from the earliest Holographic Beast material, most of which remains unreleased and unheard. This was recorded Summer 2014. Intentionally crude.

Edition of 20 on clear cassettes hand-numbered with gold ink, with printed/hand drawn labels. 

Tapes are $6.50 ppd, or $5 in person. Non-US people get in touch so I can give you a shipping estimate.

All tapes dubbed in real time, one at a time. Order at Samples at

I also have another Holographic Beast tape coming out, "A Better Understanding On How To Do Things" on Seattle label Pent Up Releases. Link NSFW. This is some of my favorite material that I've ever recorded. Expect that sometime next year.

The first Holographic Beast show since 2013 will be happen on January 22nd, at the Highline in Seattle. Also on the bill are Cult of Youth (NYC, Sacred Bones) Hive Mind (LA, Chondritic Sound) Haunted Horses (Seattle) and KA (Seattle, members of Kithkin and Lemolo) More shows are in the works. 

I will soon be traveling to Seattle to record a collaboration with electronic artist This Definite Sky, and then a few days after that I will travel to Couer D'lane Idaho to record a collaboration with metal band Mürken Kepriulous.

Glass Memory is a haze, and the future is real. I'll see you there.