Monday, August 30, 2010

Review 2

I randomly stumbled upon this review over at HOLIDAYS today.

"Holographic Beast – Perpetual Filth (2009, Know/Care)
Posted in Holographic Beast, Know/Care by HOLIDAYS on July 27, 2010
Starting off rather spacey and ambient, this debut release may comes immediately off rather tame and dreamy within the first few seconds like a call of sirens, but quickly pulls you into a two-faced journey of comfort and hostility. Perpetual Filth is a release to be reckoned with, presenting 40 minutes of juxtaposed styles, going back and forth numerous times before concluding so elegantly, making the entire listen well worth the time spent.

Rarely is filth so wonderfully matched up with blissful, memorable moments of softly handed sounds, as it rears its impeccable nature of tortured spurts of blunt desperation and fierce sounds, lending to best quality of this release- a wonderful array of sounds that can cater to most any fan of the noise genre.

Holographic Beast has initiated themselves wonderfully in the genre with a very presentable tape featuring great labels and very pro, glossy j-card. Limited to 100 copies, Perpetual Filth has been available for quite some time, and is still very well accessible and recommended for any fan under the rather large noise umbrella, as there’s plenty of sounds to appreciate. Future rotations are certainly in the forecast as well.

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